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OK Plant Diet is a new revolutionary high-quality nutrient line designed specifically for medical marijuana. We are not going to beat around the bush with this. This is the ultimate nutrient program for your Indica or Sativa plants with ambient or enhanced co2 levels calculated into the OK Plant Diet nutrient system.


OK Plant Diet nutrient line starts with water treated with ultraviolet light that is then pushed through our triple stage reverse osmosis system to remove any and all contaminants found in the water. Completely sterile water is then combined with our careful mixing process which eliminates "lock out" potential in our nutrient solution. We are then able to successfully merge nutrients together that you would essentially have to buy 4 or 5 extra bottles to get the same results. Other hydroponic companies have a dozen or more products to get the same quality as our seven.


Going to your local grow store doesn't require a truck to grab your nutrients anymore. Less plastic in the world was one of our goals at OK Plant Diet, we believe in helping contribute to a greener planet (no pun intended).


Another feature to OK Plant Diet is our incredible user-friendly feeding chart. We have taken all the work out of adding a multitude of different measurements for every individual product. Our equal parts of each formula will ensure that you never make a mistake adding different amounts of nutrients to your reservoir again. Measurements are all the same, every bottle, every time. Simple.


We have also combined natural products into our food line. We like to call it a "hybrid" nutrient system for this reason. You get the benefits of natural ingredients into your plant, that contain natural occurring hormones, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that work hard at maintaining homeostasis in your entire plant, including your roots. Other synthetic nutrient lines will sell you expensive additives like the ones we incorporate into our hybrid system at an extra cost, and again more plastic jugs into our world. Not with OK Plant Diet, it's all included in our nutrient line.


Co2 enhancement is critical to achieving high yields. OK Plant Diet wants to make sure your garden is operating at its optimal level. Whether you are running ambient co2 with fresh air circulated in and out, or enhanced co2 levels with a generating system, we have the recipe for you to be successful. At OK Plant Diet we are growers too, we know that different co2 levels dramatically affect the rate of which medical marijuana photosynthesizes, so we have tailored a feeding program specifically for your type of garden. It doesn't get better than that.


Strain selection when growing medical marijuana is becoming more dramatically important to be able to effectively and efficiently treat patients properly. OK Plant Diet has a feeding chart for Indica or Sativa Dominant Strains. Sativa strains feed more, require more light, and higher phosphorous. Indica is the exact opposite. Now growers won't hesitate to grow different strains because we have a feeding program tailored for strain selection based on Indica/Sativa dominance. Ya, we did that too.

OK Plant Diet is a COMPLETE nutrient line that contains everything for you medical marijuana. Macro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Micro Nutrients, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Sea Kelp, Sea Weed, Potassium Silicate, Natural Hormones, Beneficial Bacteria, and Wetting Agents.


We guarantee results!


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